Dark and sleek,  the Phantom looks like a shadow in the middle of the night. It features slim, razor sharp blades and short handles so that even in the larger sizes it doesn't feel clumsy and gives you excellent control at the tips. Provides lots of agility making it a comfortable scissor to use for all types of cutting. Made from a 440c high carbon steel core with a black titanium finish.

    Passion Phantom texturisers are taking texturizing scissors into a new era.  As you cut through the hair you will feel the precision cut, similar to what you would get from any Passion cutting scissors, thanks to the specially engineered teeth. The intelligent design of the 15 teeth removes 20% of hair under standard cutting motions but this can be increased if more cutting pressure is applied by your hand. Creates natural texture great for breaking up static shapes to get lift and movement. Forged from 440C stainless with titanium shell for lasting sharpness and durability.

    Material : 440C  High Carbon Steel + Titanium Passion Phantom - 440c High Carbon Steel + Titanium Finish

    100% made in Japan

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