Paper Not Foil

    The beauty industry is one of the largest producers of aluminium waste, with each salon using an average of 2km of tinfoil a month. Most of this ends up in landfill where it can take over 400 years to degrade. Paper Not Foil is the first truly sustainable alternative, with no toxic waste in production or disposal. Reduce your salon’s footprint and increase your creativity today.

     Paper Not Foil is a revolutionary eco-friendly alternative to traditional foil. In a nutshell, it’s completely recyclable, can be reused, and is loved by salons all over the world who want to take an ecological approach to their business. An incredible 27 sheets of Paper Not Foil can be made from the energy it takes to make one sheet of aluminium foil. Its chalk like texture means it grips well to the hair, and unlike foil you don’t need to fold the edges over into parcels, saving time when applying colour. Simply place onto the hair, apply colour and fold together. It’s easy to get close to the root area, and removal is incredibly comfortable for clients because they simply glide out of the hair quietly without any pulling or snagging. It can be cut to size and, just like foil, gentle heat can be used.
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